Going Green with Eyelash Extensions!


Green Eyes contribute to Green Environment!

I know I know! You are probably asking the question, how is eyelash extensions connected to going green and the environment right?

Well, you’d be surprised!
People who are inclined towards a greener and cleaner environment usually gravitate towards the color green for most of their daily lives and needs. They paint their house green, they unconsciously buy clothes in shades of green and they also tend to have more green color in their make up.

A survey conducted by the University of Alabama showed that 75% of the people who identified themselves as pro-green people had some kind of green color or shade in their makeup. (The survey had 90% women turn over).

Eyelash Extensions

Most women get extensions in their eyelashes and usually go to hair salons or beauty salons. A rise in the use of eyelash extensions has been reported in areas like metropolitan cities like New York and Detroit.

Hair Essentials Salon Studios is a full fledged beauty salon and spa offering a slew of services like eyelash extensions, waxing etc. They emphasize the importance of going green and keeping the environment clean, as evident by their eyelash extensions page.

Green Lash Extensions are great for everyday wear or special occasions. eyelash

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